AGL – People

We were briefed by AGL to create four 60 second commercials. The stories would showcase the different types of power AGL produce. Coal, Gas, Solar and Hydro. 

Very quickly on our recce it became evident that there were better stories about the people who work for AGL, and AGL became the palette. What came through were the personalities of the people working at AGL. One thing that all the employees we interviewed had in common was how long they’ve been working for AGL. Second and third generations working for AGL were common.

So back to AGL Head Office after the recce with our idea. That there’s a better story to tell about their employees. 4 weeks later we were shooting employee stories. First shoot Torrens Island, South Australia. Father and son, Jim and Jonathon Schroeter. Jim has been working at Torrens Island for close to 40 years and his son Jonathon works there too. We spent half a day with Jonathon and Jim developing the script to further understand their contribution to AGL. Their relationship at work, home and a golf course.

We developed a compelling visual approach to tell the story through their eyes. Through the dialogue and humour AGL was always centre. Building the only gas fired power plant in Australia and finishing with Jonathon looking to the future at AGL for his grand kids. This campaign capturing the employees has become a much bigger and vibrant story for AGL than the power plants alone.

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