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UFO Digital and COVID-19

COVID-19 presents unique issues that need to be properly addressed to ensure the safety of our crew, our talent and our clients. 

UFO Digital has a strong policy in place to continue shooting through this difficult time and follows all the guidelines published by the Australian Screen Sector Task Force.

The measures required to shoot safely can add significantly to the budget. 

One solution to containing budgets is to shoot, where possible, with the smallest possible crew. 

With our extensive experience utilising small crews in difficult locations, it’s still possible to get first class production standards without excessive budget penalties.

About Us

We are not your traditional production company or agency. We are passionate about great communication, and agile enough to partner on any project from early concept and creative development, through to execution. Our experience enables us to offer optimum cost benefit solutions, delivering exceptional value. 

We partner with agencies, retailers, business to business organisations and government departments to realise your project. 

Whether your project is small and requires efficiency for effective digital communication, or much larger yet still requires that same efficiency, we will deliver maximum return for you budget.

We are

Thought makers. Creators. Innovators.

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Discover More

Our Team

Remi Luxford

Principal of UFO Digital, Remi has evolved into a great storyteller thanks to his involvement in editing, producing, directing and writing.

View Remi's Work

Luke Jarman

A highly awarded creative, he's is the man behind the “Right to Know” redacted press ads. Luke brings his visual skills and love of dramatic imagery to commercial directing; from big productions for the Business Council of Australia, personal employee stories in his web series for AGL, through to quirky, memorable retail spots for Bing Lee.

View Luke's Work

Jamie Doolan

Jamie is a multi award winning director well known for his hard hitting road safety TV commercials.

View Jamie's Work


Melko brings her years of experience as a professional photographer to the screen, resulting in visually stunning direction..

View Melko's Work

Hannah Hilliard

Hannah, a graduate of AFTRS, is an “actor’s director” equally able to elicit great performances from real people.

View Hannah's Work

International Work

UFO has access to some of the world’s best directors. Our company may be small, but our reach is global.

View International Work

Iva Madderom

Iva brings a wide range of design and art direction expertise to the team, having worked on many of Australia's largest clients over the years, in some of the countries most highly awarded advertising agencies.

View Iva's Work

Contact Details

General Enquiries:
Call Remi (Company Principal): +61 412 277 363
Email Remi:

3/42-44 Holt St, Surry Hills,
NSW, 2010, Australia

Level 2, Suite 210, 59 Great Buckingham St, Redfern, NSW. Australia 2016

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