Business Council of Australia – Big Work Day

When we took the Business Council of Australia (BCA) brief, the attitude to big business in Australia was poor. This resentment towards big business is focused on well-defined negatives such as “huge profits”, CEO salaries, the treatment of small business and not paying taxes. 

Our brief was to shift current attitudes and prejudice towards big business.

There is the one basic truth that big business provides and generates jobs. There is no big business without small business. And there is no small business without big business. 

The campaign aimed to tell stories about the positive role of business, big and small in Australia. We had to tell stories that would engage, surprise and delight. We needed to make a clear point, reminding people of the positive role business plays. 

This story telling approach we created shows how big business and small business working together generate economic activity and new jobs. From workers up at sparrows to the late shift having a drink at the end of day. The people and the stories are real “A Day in the Life of Australian Business” 

It had to be authentic. North, South, East and West Australia had to be covered. Lobster Fisherman, Business Executives, Strawberry Farmers, Sheep Farmers, Qantas, Telstra, Optus, Barista, Craft Brewery, BHP, Rio Tinto, A Juice Bar, Indoor Tomato Farm, Woolworths, Coles and 3D animation.

Importantly, the campaign changed people’s attitude towards big business and in the process tapped and leveraged national pride.

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